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AssistiveWare launches Keeble - Accessible iOS 8 Keyboard for iPad

AssistiveWare today introduces Keeble 1.0, a brand new iOS 8 keyboard that can be used in any iPad app as an alternative to the standard iOS keyboard. Through its accessibility features Keeble allows individuals with fine motor-challenges or vision impairments to type in any iPad app. Keeble's layout can be customized for beginning as well as advanced typers and Keeble provides colored, gray and customizable themes to accommodate users with vision impairments.

Kibbi Launches On Indiegogo To Offer Complete Home Security Solution

London based startup, Ashiemymy have launched Kibbi on Indiegogo, a smarter, cheaper solution to your home's security needs. The Kibbi features an auto-arming HD wide-angle security camera with motion detection, custom alerts and so much more. Any detections made by Kibbi or the smart sensors are sent directly to your smartphone, alerting you and providing you with a live video footage feed direct from your Kibbi device. QL London are currently crowdfunding the development of the Kibbi device.

Win One Of 30 Get Backup Pro Apps

Popular Mac OS app developer, Belight Software today announces a special contest dedicated to Get Backup Pro, one of its most successful apps. Get Backup Pro allows Mac users clone disks, synchronize folders, quickly backup files using templates and even more. This special promotion will last for one week, starting on October 30th. Participants need to tweet and share the page dedicated to the contest. All winners will be informed about their possible win by email.

Autumn updates for DEVONsphere Express, PhotoStickies, and XMenu

DEVONtechnologies, LLC updates its smart desktop assistant DEVONsphere Express with performance improvements and fixes for OS X Yosemite. PhotoStickies 5.6.7 and XMenu 1.9.8 bring Yosemite adjustment and bug fixes, too. DEVONsphere Express provides users with relevant data while they're working on their Mac. PhotoStickies shows photos and web cams on the desktop. XMenu lets the user access documents, apps, and text snippets from the menu bar. The updates are free and recommended for all users.

LinkOptimizer for Adobe InDesign Now Supports Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Toronto based Zevrix Solutions today announces LinkOptimizer 4.9.28, a compatibility update to its popular workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign. Awarded 4 out of 5 stars by Computer Arts magazine, LinkOptimizer allows to reduce InDesign link size and speed up processing by eliminating excess image data, performs essential image adjustments, converts image formats and more. The new version makes LinkOptimizer compatible with the recently released Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Turn your iOS 8 favorite photos into bookmarks

You use iOS 8 and have marked pictures as favorites by using the new heart-shaped button of the native iPhone Photos app? You now see all your favorite photos at once in the corresponding album. But what if you want to see other pictures you took at the same time? Be smarter than other iPhone users and don't scroll and search for ages. Instead, download Photohook and access these pictures directly too, turning your favorites into handy bookmarks.

SCSC Announces the Release of Scannerz, Version 1.9 for Yosemite

Software and Computer System Company has released Scannerz Version 1.9 for the Mac OS X operating system. Scannerz employs advanced hard drive analysis algorithms not employed by any other hard drive scanning tool available on the market. The new version of Scannerz now includes the new Performance Probe 2 as well as Phoenix and FSE. This new release is fully Yosemite compatible and remains compatible with previous Mac OS X down through Leopard (MacOS 10.5).

Anix LLC introduces MeowMix 1.0 for iOS - First Game Made by Cats

Anix LLC today introduces MeowMix 1.0, its brand new game title developed exclusively for iOS devices. MeowMix is a mix of classical games Tetris and Match-3. The action takes place in a colorful cartoon world where the main characters are colorful kittens. One of the key features of the game is #mimimi. As the player interacts with the kittens, they meow when being touched. Touch their paw and they sharpen their claws and yawn. It is a game that you have never seen before. It's a real catris.

Party to Win an iPad Air 2 - With PartySnapper Beta

Boinx Software's social photo wall is taking a Test Flight. Join in the fun by throwing your own PartySnapper Beta party for a chance to win an Apple iPad Air 2. To join the contest, host a Beta Test Party with at least two of your friends. After the party, the host must send Boinx a group selfie with all party guests and fill out a questionnaire. Qualifying party hosts will have a chance at the iPad Air 2. All information must be received before Nov. 30th 2014 11:59PM PT to be considered.

Convert Documents of any Type to PDF with Ultimate Converter by Nektony

Nektony today introduces Ultimate PDF Converter 1.0 for iPad, its new tool to convert any type of MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint documents to PDF format. Using this new converter, any PDF file looks on iPad exactly as if it was converted using MS Office capabilities on a desktop computer. Ultimate PDF Converter is extremely convenient as a file manager and freely integrates 4 most common cloud storage services; Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and OneDrive.

TopXNotes Apple Notes App Review: THE Mac Note Tool

Tropical Software announced that its TopXNotes Mac note organizer has been awarded a splendid 10 out of 10 in Dennis Sellers' recent full review of the program for the Apple Daily Report. Think of TopXNotes as a collection place where you can put info stuff you need to remember, but can't. Create notes instantly by typing, dragging, or importing text or files. Organize your notes using TopXNotes' powerful features. Then use the NoteOrganizer indexing features to quickly find your way around.

Sky Battles greenlit on Steam - Air Combat Game

Toronto based game developer, Peter Lacalamita today announced his air combat game Sky Battles, has been greenlit for the Steam platform. Sky Battles is a game where you battle against large iron beasts with different abilities. Fly your plane and battle ruthless mechanical enemies in fantastic settings. Dodge missiles, flames and enemy aircraft bent on your destruction. Krakens, dragons, robots and helicopters seek you out. Barrel roll, dodge, dive bomb and out wit these hellish behemoths.

Build Your Own Music Playlist of YouTube Videos with Swizzle

Ideabove announced today the release of the updated version of Swizzle, the first social network designed specifically for legally sharing music videos with friends. Going beyond the limited services offered by other music download and sharing sites, Swizzle's one-stop approach lets users "crowdsource" playlists for specific events of themes. Swizzle supports continuous play and background play, with the ability to tag each song by mood, situation or genre.

Hurry up to catch Uncle Faster!

Guild of Innovation is preparing to launch soon "Uncle Faster," an app designed for every moment in which the user is in motion. Uncle Faster will give users a unique perspective upon movement by its features; the app will prove itself to be useful in defined purposes & also in unexpected moments. The organization is working to deliver a new app that will bring together the iPhone/iPad & various means of transport. It will be available on the App Store. First 50 subscribers can get it for free!